Value Analytics

Written by Tim Stuart. Posted in Overview

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Leading companies are turning to a broader type of solution to enable manufacturing transformation - one that encompasses not just the plant floor, but also the warehouse, quality and material flow throughout the production process and product supply network.

Only then can you have the control and insight needed to achieve and sustain operational excellence.

For management, operational analytics makes performance metrics actionable, often without requiring direct human interactions. It lets business and continuous improvement owners drive process improvement while providing the flexibility for the process to reflect the way people and teams actually work. It enables process improvement without big costs or large IT integration projects. 

Often, solutions can be designed and deployed in 30-to-90 days. The result is a strategic approach to process improvements that starts with rapid modeling and iteration followed by a fast roll-out, enabling measurable results. Using operational analytics, organizations can begin improving top-line and bottom-line metrics in the same quarter they’re rolled out. Operational intelligence becomes the engine to drive the performance-driven organization to the next-level. It should be considered a strategic part of a business improvement strategy and IT architecture. More importantly, process should be considered key to competitive advantage, something you can’t get from a lean manufacturing strategy or an ERP system alone.


nSight Systems provides operational intelligence solutions referred to as Value Analytics, the solution collects, indexes and harnesses massive volumes of valuable machine and process data generated by your shop floor and ERP systems. The solution puts your machine and process data to work and makes it actionable. Troubleshooting complex process control problems and investigate quality and throughput improvement opportunities in minutes, not hours or days.

Monitor your end-to-end processes to avoid process control degradation and or stoppages. Your operational teams will be able to correlate and analyze complex events spanning multiple process steps and IT systems to gain real-time visibility and insights for operational and business users.


nSight Systems offers a results-driven approach to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence by:

  • Providing the right information to the right people at the right time to make better decisions about every aspect of manufacturing and production capacity analysis, Work-in-Process (WIP) analysis, inventory turns and standard lead times analysis
  • Visibility to all of the interdependent aspects of production processes and greater collaboration and decision-making
  • Delivering a "single version of the truth" that eliminates "silos" of operations and departments, thereby enabling a synchronized and coordinated flow of information for tighter control over disparate manufacturing processes
  • Empowering manufacturers to meet their goals for reducing waste, inventory and cycle times to improve efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Providing a true foundation for enterprise quality, continuous improvement for the lowest total cost