Results-based Approach

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Our leadership team has over 75 years of collective expertise implementing improvement systems that drive superior value creation.  Our skilled team of practitioners is unmatched in real-world experience and success.

We take a holistic approach to enterprise transformations and business performance improvement.  Experience has taught us that projects that are focused exclusively on workforce reductions to the exclusion of process, people, organization, performance measures, and other cultural factors will not achieve their projected benefits.  

Value Analytics

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Value Tree

Leading companies are turning to a broader type of solution to enable manufacturing transformation - one that encompasses not just the plant floor, but also the warehouse, quality and material flow throughout the production process and product supply network.

Only then can you have the control and insight needed to achieve and sustain operational excellence.

Manufacturing Intelligence

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manuf int2

Lean manufacturing has been embraced for over 30 years by the most competitive companies as an essential component of manufacturing excellence.

The drive to remove waste has streamlined operations, eliminated idle inventory and helped to achieve continuous process improvement ... each now an accepted element of Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma initiatives.

Business Intelligence

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nSight Systems enables operational responsiveness, by delivering innovative ways to be more responsive, more agile and more efficient. This is accomplished by enabling organizations to gain better insight into the health of their business processes through real-time process monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The intuitive and visual nature of the operational intelligence enables stakeholders from the shop floor to management to respond chronic issues impacting performance and profitability.